Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Creatives, not creators.

I once thought a creative mind was the product of a spoilt childhood.
Then a creative director intimated me with his take on 'creatives'.
"God speaks to them. If they allow, He speaks through them. But God's
mouth is very close to their ears."
Okay, fine! So I embellished it a bit. But the core of what he said
stuck in my head a year later.
It takes a creative mind to absorb and relate that which is beyond the mundane.
I don't believe 'creative' is the best term for those who see beyond
where they are, what is in front of them, & through the façade of
ordinary being.
I think they are channels.
I, for instance, don't believe evolution clashes with the bible. But
you'd have to be a creative-mind to begin to give what I have to say a
chance to be said.
I don't believe evolution ever stopped. I don't believe evolving is
anything less than a Supernatural occurence. If for anything at all,
one shouldn't mistake creation as a one time only occurence. It isn't
a sign of an undecided mind, rather it is a gradual revealing of a
mind so vast, of a power so great, of a heart so big, that rather than
scare 6,000 types of shit out of us (that's how long 'recorded' human
history is), He slowly offers us a glimpse into how little control we
have in things seemingly insignificant. I use the word seemingly
because we're yet to 'tame' the mosquito & other natural disasters. No
bridge can compare to the design of the Grand Canyon, no weapon is as
deadly as death itself...all we do is design mediums, never a 'thing'
like 'life'.
Your imagination is God's playground & He's always calling you to come
play with him. Mostly we slave our imagination to 'contrary' things,
in the firm belief that we are in full control to the point of
'threatening' God.
I'll have use 2 animal examples to put this across.
There's a favorite Igbo saying of mine: Even the smallest bird, when
eaten to it's fill, will challenge God to a fight. It sounds silly
until it doesn't.
The next (it is less than 24 hours old, but it feels relevant enough)
is sight of an ewe or a ram struggling to sit at your table to eat.
It's just sheep, but even sheep have some level of ego (ever seen rams
fighting?). But is that ego enough for it to claim to be human? Is our
ego enough for us to claim we're God?
I'm awake considering this because I've finally woken up to a very
personal truth... I'm not what I think I am. When I accept this,
growth is possible. Until then, I will always 'feel' less without
knowing why. Another form of nakedness, but I'll go into that on
another blog.

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